Are you ready to regain control and change your lifestyle by reenergizing your training routine and get past plateaus?  You don’t have to respond; however, you’re on the right page. One Lyfe Health and Fitness is ready to challenge you with overcoming your frustrations and limitations. 

LaShonda (Shon) Hackett is best known as Middle Georgia’s toughest-love trainer and coach. She is the founder of One Lyfe Health and Fitness, a mobile business that focuses on outdoor boot-camp fitness classes in Middle Georgia. She is also the owner of One Lyfe Health and Fitness Studio located inside The Mercer Crossings Shopping Center. What can you expect from her fitness “boot camp”?  You'll undergo jumping jacks, flutter kicks, sit-ups, speed walking, wind sprints, jogging, running flights of steps, push-ups, lunges, squats, and other challenging drills that will help you meet your goals.

This class will give you everything you need to build muscle, burn fat, and decrease most health concerns. You’ll be surrounded by supportive participants that will encourage and inspire you to move into the next level of your workout. You will become knowledgeable in healthful eating habits and fully aware of what you eat.  Children boot-camp fitness classes and one-on-one training are also provided.  

Shon is an AFPA certified personal trainer, CPR certified, and a retired Police Lieutenant of twenty-one years. She discovered and desired a greater passion challenging others to achieve their goals in Health and Wellness. Shon has twenty years of fitness experience both professionally and competitively. She encourages all backgrounds and fitness levels to participate in the boot-camp classes or become a member of  the studio.  Her high energy and unique style of teaching will motivate you and keep you alert even when she’s not around.  Shon’s clients describe her as being very personable, passionate, and professional.

Join your future trainer now to become changed for LYFE!!.